Neuroscience of Anxiety: Simplified

What’s going on in the brain when one experiences anxiety? Let’s explore the brain chemistry behind anxiety, related symptoms, and how anti-anxiety medications actually work. While anxiety is a complex condition that we still don’t know about, there are certain neuroscience concepts that I’ve summarized to help better explain what we do know about this mental illness. Continue reading Neuroscience of Anxiety: Simplified

Untold Stories of Addiction: Opioids

It’s my privilege to discuss the following topics: the “opioid epidemic,” effects of opioids & common precursors to addiction, medication-assisted treatment (MAT), how methadone works, and lessons I’ve learned as a MAT counselor. I hope this post provides you with a sense of what individuals who struggle with opioid dependence may experience. Continue reading Untold Stories of Addiction: Opioids

Untold Stories of Addiction: Hallucinogens

With the growing legalization of marijuana, its health and wellness claims, and its ever-present controversy, I hope to present you with a different perspective altogether. This is the story of a man who was in recovery from heroin use yet still faced criticism for marijuana use to treat his anxiety. This is a story of self-determination, embracing ambiguity, and being brutally honest with oneself. Continue reading Untold Stories of Addiction: Hallucinogens